Using Emacs

First of all – Vim is great and I still use it from time to time for fast edits. I do not think that Emacs is the best tool for everyone and every-time but it is currently the best tool for me. I am using term tool not only because I like the band (Tool) but because Emacs […]

Unit Tests in Common Lisp

Let’s say that we want to implement Slack’s auth.revoke method. In the API specification we can read that this method has two optional arguments: token and test. To revoke an access token we need to provide the authentication token. We can additionally set test argument to 1 to set testing mode where the given token will not actually […]

Hello World!

Today we have December 30th 2016. We are almost done with the year 2016. This time is pretty special for me because almost exactly 3 years ago I came back to Poland and started my so-called professional career as a software engineer. During that time I have learned a lot but to be honest I think […]